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I've heard that it stops babies from crying, I hadn't realized it was shown more in Kansai than in Kanto.


hehe soo cutee. Post more videos of Shuma in the future!!


Hey, do they still air the show Quintet on NHK? They used to have it on NHK''s foreign broadcasts. It was by far my daughter's favourite show. It seems Shuma might like it too.


I think my ovaries just went *boom*! Your son is so precious! <3

Teena W.

That was so funny! I'm going to have to test this commercial out on my friends w/ babies (mine is too old). Your Shuma-kun is adorable.


That is adorable!
I'm really curious to know how he'll start speaking, if it will be jumble of Japanese and English or more of one than the other, etc.


How cute Shuma is!
That's adorable.
The video makes happy me.


Thanks for reminding me of this - I found this video on another blog in 2007 or so when my son was as little as Shuma is now and tried it out on him. Of course it worked even though he doesn't understand any Japanese! :)
It's always good to have something like this, especially when they are teething.


Shuma just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!


Quel plaisir de voir Shuma "en vrai"!
Il est tellement adorable sur ces vidéos et il m'a beaucoup fait rire!!!


That's amazing!!


That's an awesome commercial--the cat is really what makes it.

And how is it possible for Shuma to be so cute even when he's crying? I think you guys won the baby lottery.

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